New European Dyno Record set in Sheffield

On Saturday The Edge Climbing Wall in Sheffield hosted the Lost Arrow Bouldering Masters, probably the biggest climbing competition ever held on British soil. After the main event the first British Dyno competition was held on a wall especially constructed by Bendecrete.The wall, built to European dyno competition standards, overhangs 20 degrees. Competitors start two handed on two large and identical holds, using any combination of a series of identical footholds, and launch up and left at an angle of 45 degrees for the mother of all jugs.Some fifty competitors took part in front of a thronging crowd, loud music and bright spot lights (thanks to Percy for his organisation). The rules are simple. Catch the hold and you go on to the next round. Each round, the finish hold is moved further from the start holds.The shorter women were unfortunately eliminated early on – Sadie Renwick finishing in first place. Predictably, the men began to fall by the wayside as the distance became sickeningly large, until just 6 were left in. With the hold set at an unconfirmed 2.30m they all missed. So they went again. This time a winner emerged in the form of local bouldering aficionado Pat King. The crowd went wild.It was then announced that the European record was a mere 2 centimetres more, and, amidst cries of ´Higher – Higher!´ the hold was moved again – this time to 2.41m!! Though Pat was unable to go further than his ´official´ winning jump, fellow finalist Adam Long rose to the occasion and silenced the crowd with an awesome explosion of power and coordination to smash the European record.