New Font guidebook (in French); Trois Pinons tidying

by Doug Evans The French equivalent of the BMC, COSIROC, has published the definitive (or as close as possible) guide to the east part of Fontainebleau. Escalade à Bleau Tome 2 : Foret domaniale de Fontainebleau is 120 FF (er, dunno what that is in Euros). Approximately it covers the forest east of the A6, so has Francard, Cuvier, Rocher Canon and many more. Includes all circuits at all areas plus other unmarked problems unlike the two selective guides. (vol 1 was published a couple of years ago and covers les Trois Pignons). The note at says there are more than 250 problems at 7c or above, in a total of about 3,000 problem. And it?s in colour. Secondly, Cosiroc is organising a litter collecting and general tidy-up at Trois Pinons on 23 September. This is the third of a series of such days (Ailefroide and possibly the Calanques were the others), sponsored by Beal. Any British climbers in the area at the time might want to participate.