New Himalayan Peak (41) Climbed

During October a six man Slovenian expedition made the first ascent of Peak 41 (6654 m), Solukhumbu, Nepal. With extremely poor snow conditions, avalanches, and more than their fair share of bad weather, Matic Jost (the leader of expedition), Uros Samec and Urban Golob found a line of weakness encompassing technical rock slabs and steep ( up to 80 degrees) snow and ice on the West face of Peak 41, reaching the summit on October 16th. Two days later Ales Kovac, Matej Kovacic and Bostjan Jezovsek climbed a parallel line to also top out on the virgin Himalayan peak which has seen four previous expeditions try and fail (Japanese, Finn-American, Scottish and Finnish). Both routes are 1000 meters high (from the plateau) and rated at V, 4 or TD+ (55-80 degrees) with a 500m, 40 to 70 degree approach.