New UK Climbing Magazine – FREE

Gravity magazine Brian Darby is launching a new UK climbing magazine called ´Gravity´ which will join Summit, Climber, Friction, Climb and the newly launched Vertical magazine jostling for our eyes, but not your wallet. In fact they may give you money. Gravity magazine is free and will be available from your local climbing shop or wall. Brian promises 88 pages of articles, news and photography in the same glossy colour format as the other titles now available. Whilst most of the other magazines rely on a small pool of writers and photographers for content Brian is opening it up and is encouraging contributions from all climbers, he states in his press release. “We aim to be the first climbing publication which will allow mass reader participation through submission via our website. Our goal is to encourage the ?everyday? climber to feel comfortable to submit a review or photo expressing their achievements at all levels, and having those achievements recognised nationally in our magazine”. Gravity magazine´s website is up and running where you can learn more about this new publication