News from Oz

The Boulder Lounge reports: “Last Tuesday, Adelaide boulder punk Sharik Walker thrashed his way up another Bachelor Pad project. Tao was an overlooked line starting up Cocktoe 7c bloc (V9/10) and kicking out left via some wild slaps. 6 days of attempts makes the problem hard in Sharik´s mind – way harder than Cave Woman 8a+ bloc (V12) in the Grampians that went in 2 shots but no way near as hard as Madball (also 8a+) that took Sharik a couple of weeks of attempts … probably 8a+ (V12) then.” Klem Loskot now thinks that Madball was probably the hardest piece of climbing he did in Australia.His reasoning – the hard problems in the Grampians really only have one tough move unlike Madball which has a number of hard movements.What then of the grade?In the book the Eleventh grade Klem publishes the grade as 8b bloc.”