Now it´s getting silly

OK, now it´s getting a bit silly. Rock+Ice reports: “Five days after Hans Florine and Jim Herson obliterated the latest speed record by climbing the Nose in three hours, 57 minutes and 27 seconds, Tim O?Neill and Dean Potter smashed that record by a whopping 33 minutes and 23 seconds.”On November 2, they ascended the El Cap route in just three hours, 24 minutes and 4 seconds — that comes out to little more than six minutes a pitch for what is normally a 34-pitch route!” We can see where this is going, and it´s not going to be pretty when someone screws up: a missed clip, an error in swapping belays, something unpredictable. OK, this may sound like telling people not to run with scissors, but couldn´t they at least enjoy the view for a few moments? ( Source: Rock & Ice magazine )