NUMC get naked for EMRT

by Mick Ryan Newcastle University Mountaineering Club have bared all for a good cause. They stripped off at various cliffs and recorded their nude antics for posterity producing a calendar. “And so we find ourselves at the crag, in the cold, with not a lot on (peak here). You might ask why we got down to our birthday suits in UK, in November?It?s for a good cause and the days spent dodging rain and freezing our chalk bags off were worth it.” It´s all for the Edale Mountain Rescue Team, which like all other mountain rescue teams in the UK is made up entirely of volunteers. They are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They turn out no matter how harsh the conditions are. They receive absolutely no direct government funding and rely on support and donations from the public. Last year the Edale team were called out 113 times. They are now working hard to raise money for a much needed new operational base. You can buy the calendar and support Edale Mountain Rescue at the Newcastle University Mountaineering Club website or by emailing Caroline Patterson. The perfect Christmas gift and they come in both male and female versions You can follow the progress of Edale Mountain Rescue team by logging on to their website