On Everest, will Irvine be the next discovery?

The search for the body of Andrew Irvine, who disappeared with George Mallory high on the north-east ridge of Everest, on June 8 1924, will resume this spring. After the success of the 1999 expedition organised by Jochen Hemmleb (who wrote a pretty good book about the search). They found Mallory´s body, but not the camera, nor Irvine´s body. Hemmleb will again be on the team, which according to Everest News will “continue the work begun in 1999 by conducting further historical research. The 2001 team will retrace Mallory and Irvine´s footsteps on Everest.? Along the route climbers will attempt to locate and document artifacts of the early attempts – tents, oxygen cylinders, diaries, cameras, etc. – in order to reconstruct the events of the early climbs. The team will investigate the 1924 camps and the snow terraces where Mallory´s body was discovered. Using metal detectors and subsurface imaging techniques, they will search for additional clues to the missing climbers and their cameras.” They head off in March and will probably hit the slopes in April and May.