Once in a Millenium

by UKC News Chris Craggs, perhaps the most prolific guidebook writer in the UK has just climbed his 1,000th route at Stanage in the Peak District, joining the elite and select, Stanage 1,000 Club. Chris takes up the story: “It all started on 17th August 1968 with Leaning Buttress Crack and April Crack and finished yesterday with Old Smoothie – 1000 routes on Stanage (see chris on Old Smoothie here). Forty years to do 1,000 routes is slow going, but you can´t rush these things.Dave Spencer and Brian Rossiter were partners for the final half a dozen and Sherri Davy turned up with a bottle of bubbly as we were about to start number 1,000 – which was nice. By my calculations there are 1,415 routes in the current BMC definitive guide so that should pass on the next few years nicely! ” Congratulations Chris and best of luck with the rest.