Ondra & Andranda on a Spree

Mr 8a Growing into Mr 9a Dani Andranda (aka Mr 8a) is one of the most famous sport climbers in the world. Known for his ability to pretty much tick entire crags and for his never ending new routing in northern Spain, it´s pretty much a sure bet that he has climbed more routes over 8a than anyone else in the world.Not content on this fact, the last few years have seen him slowly go from being Mr 8a to Mr 9a. Recently he has added two extensions to his own Ali-Hulk(9a) which resides in the Ali-Baba cave in Rodellar, Spain. Ali-Hulk Extension and another variation on Ali-Hulk both go at 9a+ and were sent within a few days of each other in mid september. Dave Graham has previously climbed Ali-Hulk and confirmed it as nails (or solid 9a) – see planetFear news report here on his ascent here>> and also read more about the Ali-Baba cave. Dani Andrada is obviously on fine form so it should be interesting to see what he gets on when he visits the UK in early November. He´s coming over for a Boreal masterclass to be held in the Peak District so conditions dependent, maybe he´ll visit Malham, Kilsney, Raven Tor (if dry) or even try his hand on the grit… Ondra, 14 Continues Impressive Form At only 14 years old, Adam Ondra has already left an amazing mark on the world climbing scene. He has already climbed 3 9a´s in different countries, climbed 8b+ alpine multi-pitch (see news here>>) and onsighted 8b+ (Hot Chilli Beans, Gorge Du Loup). This month he has quickly climbed 3 routes 8c or harder, including a first ascent, all within 1 week. He climbed his own Perla východu, 8c+ in his home country Czech Republic. He then nipped across the border to the Frankenjua where he climbed another 8c+ and one 8c. As he´s only 14, Adam obviously has to go to school during the week which makes this feat even more impressive as he can only climb outside on the weekend. As part of the new generation of incredibly strong young climbers (Tyler Landman, Daniel Woods, David Lama) it is pretty mind blowing what these kids could do when they finally grow up. Interview with Adam Ondra at planetmountain.com>> Source: 8a.nu