Ondra hits Céüse

…and, most likely the rest will be history. Already, he's onsighted Dures limites, 8c, and made the FA of a 70 meter route bolted by Dave Graham last year. As for the other route bolted by Dave, the one David Lama made the FA of, it's in the region of 8c+ or so, and no, no name on this one either yet.Adam has also tried to onsight the 90 meter No future, 8c+, only to fall off very near the top. After the crux…Meanwhile, Enzo Oddo has been falling off the top part of Biographie, now with a harder start since a hold broke. Enzo is arriving back at Céüse again to pick things up where he left them, after a short trip back home to Nice.We'll see if Adam feels like joining the race for the re-FA. It would seem he's more keen on doing projects though, as he spent the first day at the crag trying all, yes all, of the projects. I don't know how many there are, but wouldn't it be wiser to concentrate on one? Guess I'm in no position to give Adam advice, come to think of it…My sources for this were Pierre Délas from Kairn and Gabri Moroni from… Italy.

Gabriele Moroni on l'Arcadémicien, 8cBjörn Pohl – UKC, 11 Aug 2010© Pierre Délas

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