Ondra vs France

Adam Ondra, who else, has been on a one man rampage through France lately. Here's the short version:At la Balme de Yenne, he made the 2nd ascent of Shortcut, Mathieu Bouyoud's ~9a. He also onsighted Déclac, 8c.The day after, at Pierrot Beach, he had a decent day of onsighting, succeeding on Smoke, 8b+, Hérésistance, 8b+/c, and Home sweet home, 8c/+.Finally, moving on to the Verdon, where he did Pull over, 8c+, 2nd go.For the full story, including everything Adam came very close to onsighting, check out Kairn

Adam OndraUKC News, Oct 2009© Philippe Maurel / Nice-climb.com

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