Orienteers set to hit streets of Oxford

Saturday will see the long anticipated Oxford City race finally take place after two postponements. Hosted by Oxford University Orienteering Club, this middle distance competition will use a map specially drawn for the race. I quote from the race advert ´This unique middle race provides a rare opportunity to orienteer around Oxford?s magnificent colleges, winding passageways and cobbled lanes. Pit your wits against the multitudinous quads and archways of some of the most historic buildings in England and follow in the footsteps of famous Oxford students.´ There are 6 courses on offer from mens open (6.3km) to 12 and under (1.8km). If you are in the area you can either go and watch, or even take part. They are still taking entries at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ouoc/events/cityrace.shtml. Top tips for victory In the men´s class, I think it will be close between Oli Johnson and Neil Northrop (both GB squad), with Oli just pipping Neil who will be tired after the OMM (if he runs). Ian Nixon, Iain Embrey and Duncan Archer to finish off the top 5, with Rhys Manning and Tim Tett as outsiders. In the women´s class, it has to be a victory for Jenny Johnson (recently married to Oli) with the top 3 consisting of  Anne Edwards and one from Alice Bedwell, Jo Halliday or Christine Currie.