Page 3 Gal Crowns Climber – Britain´s Manliest Man

by Mick Ryan Jason Pickles – Manly Hot news just in from Salford. You may have climbed on one of the walls he´s built. He free climbed Yosemite´s Leaning Tower with Leo Houlding. But now Jason Pickles, 31, of Salford has gained the ultimate macho accolade, he is officially Britain´s Manliest Man in a competition organised by the burger company Rustlers (sounds like some seedy magazine!). The Salford Advertiser reports and quotes Jason´s philosophy of life, dating and love: ?Real men don´t wear pink. I´m not good at buying flowers and things like that but I never lie.” By the sounds of it he´d go down well in the Chat forum on Friday nights at where he would be no doubt advised that buying your partner flowers is essential for a healthy relationship and to buy them from a proper flower shop, not the supermarket ones. Oh and Jason, it takes a real man to wear pink. Not sure what this quote means, ?Honesty is a manly thing and I´m not one to cover my tracks, I will front it out.? Is that something about an undeclared aid point or a perhaps a sneaky power spot on a boulder problem? Fess up Pickles. Is there something you aren´t telling us? On climbing Jason says, ?Me and a friend climbed it using just our hands and feet and didn´t rest on anything else.” His friend is Leo Houlding. Could have given him a namecheck Mr. Pickles! Leo and Jason free climbed most of the aid route The West Face up Yosemite´s Leaning Tower in 2001 with pitches up to 8a or 5.13b and renaming it, The Westie Face. He was crowned by a “page three glamour girl” Lucy Pinder. No I´d never heard of her either. I presume she takes her clothes off for a living. You can read and view all the messy details, including an explicit photo (work safe) of Lucy checking out Jason´s tool box whilst he wears a Village People style construction helmet at This is not the first time a climber has been chosen for male perfection awards, both Dave Thomas and Ben Moon were once included in a list of the UK´s most eligible bachelors in a mens consumer magazine. As far as we know Jason Pickles is not sponsored by anyone, not even Rustlers´ burgers. But the future looks bright for lucrative endorsement deals.