Parsons travels Wheel Of Life, V16

In early September we reported (see here) on Chris Webb Parsons (Aus) repeating Sleepy Rave (8c/V15). On October 7th he headed back to Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampian Mountains and made the V9 link into Sleepy Rave to claim the 2nd ascent of the “Wheel of Life” (V16/8C+)

The Wheel Of Life ventures out of the very back of the cave and features a total of 68 moves crossing 35m through a V9, V12, V9 & V11 for the full link from the very back of the cave to finish on top. You can see the video of the ascent here>> Chris states on his website: “I warmed up a little walked to the back of the cave sat down looked to the skyline where the finishing holds where and went for it…I had fallen 13 times right at the end moves on the wheel, but this time I hit everything perfect and I was standing on top of the cave. I could not believe it, it was an amazing feeling and ill never forget that feeling”

Hollow Mountain Cave, Grampians, Australia

The first ascentionist, Dai Koyamada (Jpn), has returned to Europe and is tearing through hard problems in the Frankenjura of Germany. The Japanese climber has repeated the Markus Bock problem Montecore (V15), as well as several V13 and V14 problems, the hardest of which he thought was Riot Act (V14). Source: Chris Webb Parsons blog>>