Pat Littlejohn on his OBE

by UKC News Mick Ryan asked Pat Littlejohn a few questions about his OBE – see original news report below. When did you find out that you were getting an OBE and how did you find out? You get a letter a few weeks before saying you´re being considered for an award and asking whether you would accept. How does it feel? Slightly mixed feelings – I´m very much a grass roots climber and not at all like the public figures I´ve always associated with these ´honours´. However it is nice to get some broader recognition for our sport and if it proves to be of some benefit to mountaineering, in my BMC work for example, I´ll be happy.What specifically did you get it for? I´ve not been told anything beyond ´Services to Mountaineering´ and wouldn´t want to speculate. A positive thing about these awards is that they come out of the blue, you can´t do specific things to get them. Did you know that you had been nominated? No – I know nothing about the process or who is involved, and its probably better that way.There are some that may say that you should refuse the OBE, in fact they have said that. What do you have to say about those who are against the honours? Did you consider declining? Not seriously, it would have been churlish and pointless and could have damaged other climber´s chances of being offered awards in future. I think it is important that the value of a non-competitive, non-Olympic sport is recognised, particularly by this government which has drastically cut funding to mountaineering and to other non-Olympic sports. Finally congratulations, personally I think it is a great honour and wholly deserved. When do you go down to see the Queen? Thanks Mick, and to all the others who have sent congratulations. No idea yet when I collect the award, but I hope it´s the same day as Kylie Minogue!