Patxi Usobiaga Climbs Hades (F9a) Second Try

Patxi Usobiaga and Adam Ondra swap beta for Hades F9aUKC News© http://www.patxiusobiaga.netA day after coming second in the World Cup, Patxi Usobiaga visited the crag Nassereith intent on climbing the F9a route Hades.From Patxi's Website:”On Sunday, seeing how great the weather was, we decided to go rock climbing to Nassereith. There I met Adam [Ondra], who was also there desintoxicating from the plastic. He had just sent Hades (9a), the route I wanted to try so I asked him for beta. He gave me a very precise description of all the moves and after trying the route once and putting the quickdraws I had a very good go and sent it.”Full story: Patxi's Website Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen