Peak District Bird Restriction Easter 2006

Information from Henry Faulkard / BMC PEAK AREA Access Team Millstone Ravens. Four young have been ringed in the now traditional nest on Twicker. As soon as the young have fledged, the resection will be lifted. This will probably be in about a month. In the meantime please AVOID TWICKER BAY, and keep out of the birds? line of site from the nest. Peregrines. For the first time a pair of peregrines has established a nest in North Bay, in the vicinity of Saville Street. This is a rare and protected species and has been subject to the persecution and victim of theft (of both eggs and chicks). If you see anyone behaving suspiciously by the nest please report this immediately using one of the phone numbers on the warning signs near the nest, or direct to the police. If the birds are successful the North Bay will remain restricted till some time in June. If they are not, the restriction will be lifted immediately. AVOID ALL ROUTES IN THE NORTH BAY itself (Hacklespur to Salenla Sunset) which are covered by the restriction, and you must not descend into the bay from the Brimstone area. The path which skirts the outer edge of the bay remains open but not the open heathery floor of the bay. The well trodden descent ridge between North Bay and the Cioch areas also remains technically open for access, but you are asked to avoid it of you can. If you do use it, keep quiet, do not linger and keep as far to the Cioch side of the descent as it is safe. Ornithologists are worried use of this descent could disturb the birds. It has been kept open only because of the difficulty of reaching the great slab and Cioch areas by any other path without disturbing the ravens, but its status remains under review. Stanage There are NO RESTRICTIONS overt the Easter period Ravensdale There are NO RESTRICTIONS overt the Easter period Roaches / Five Clouds Peregrines are nesting on the FOURTH CLOUD AND ALL ROUTES ARE RESTRICTED. Established paths remain open for the present but as, with the arrangements at Millstone, this will stay under review. Finally, please remember that it?s lambing season and dogs must be kept on the lead in open country.