Peak Fire & Bird Restrictions Update

8/5/07 The fire restriction signs are coming down on the 9th with a view to all access land being open by the weekend. 1/5/07 Rivelin: you are advised to avoid Kremlin Crack as there is a tawny owl nesting there with young (Tawny?s are known to be particularly vicious when defending their young) Bamford Moor and Edge: The landowner has given notice he will close his entire area to all access from May 15th to June 18th except for weekends. His principal reason is persistent disregard by dog owners of the fact that his grouse moor is closed to dogs at all times. Stanage: Ring Ouzels are nesting at a number of sites but at present the only restriction is around Green Crack and is sign posted on site. Millstone: The ravens on Twikker are well on their way to fledging another brood. Please avoid the Twikker Bay area (between Billingsgate and Lyons Corner House Direct) by using the alternative path which contours round out of sight of the nest. Approach Eros only from Great Slab and avoid it altogether for group abseils. Ravensdale: all restrictions lifted Roaches ? Five Clouds: The Third and Fourth Clouds will remain restricted until the peregrines have finished nesting.