Pembroke Access – Good, Bad but never Ugly

David Noddings climbing The Fascist and Me (E4) at Trevallen, Pembroke.© Alan James – UKC, May 2005

The Pembrokeshire National Park Authority have just announced the arrangements for access over the next few months to the Castlemartin range which offers a mixed bag for climbers.The good news is that, like last year, there will be no live firing during August so access will be available during the whole month to all of Range East, and Range West for those who have attended the briefings. This relaxing in restrictions in August happened for the first time in 2009 and was reported here on UKC. The new briefing dates for Range West are Saturday 29 May, Saturday 3 July and Saturday 31 July. The briefing previously arranged for 19 June has been cancelled.The bad news is that a large scale pre-Afghanistan, brigade level training exercise is due to take place across Castlemartin Range throughout June.This will severely restrict access from Tuesday 1 June to Friday 2 July. During this period there will be no access from 08:30 on Monday morning to 17:00 on Friday to the whole of Range East. Access will be possible on Friday evening and at weekends. The whole of Range East includes the section from Broadhaven car park around to Chapel Head which means no climbing on St. Govan's or Trevallen. With the seasonal bird restrictions in place up to 1 August, this leave few places to climb during midweek in June except for Lydstep and the North Coast cliffs. Range West is closed completely during the whole month.The firing dates for July are not known yet but it is expected that they will be similar to the May restrictions shown on the Pembrokeshire ranges web site.

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Pembroke Guidebook and route info:

Pembroke (Aug 2009)  A latest edition of the ground-breaking Pembroke guidebook, first published in 1995 to widespread acclaim. This full colour edition shows Pembrokeshire in all its breath-taking… Pembrokeshire Ranges web site Range West Routes – Climbers' Club News about the forthcoming Climbers' Club guidebook

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