Pembroke Film location

St Govan´s Head was very recently the location for part of a new forthcoming Channel 4 TV Tragi-comedy film drama titled ´Falling Down´ where the main character is seen at the cliff top above Sunlover Wall contemplating suicide… (Something I´ve done when I can´t enough good light when shooting climbing photographs) The leading actors who were filming on location there were Timothy Spall the main character(Auf Pet) George Cole (Minder) who plays Spall´s father and Annette Crosbie (One Foot In the Grave). During the filming the actors were staying in Tenby, but whilst filming at St Govan´s Head they were regularly whizzing back & forth to Ma Weston´s for cream teas and toasted tea cakes for which she made sure they paid of course !! I´d like to make it clear this was not the reason that one of them was contemplating suicide 🙂 The programme is to be screened in the coming autumn so keep a look out for the familiar backdrop. Carl Ryan