Pete Robins and James McHaffie

by Jack Geldard On Friday 26th October, Llanberis raiders James McHaffie and Pete Robins made an onsight assault on Master´s Edge at Millstone (E7 6b).After a quick bite to eat at the cafe in Hathersage, the team headed to the quarry.James was first up, climbing completely onsight and soon found himself at the final moves looking at the finishing jug.As he set up for the slap, disaster struck – a sharp crimp split straight through his fingertip – leaving him slippery and bloody.Not wanting to risk the huge fall from the top, James climbed all the way to the floor, without weighting the rope.Pete stepped in and attacked the arete – gaining height quickly and fluidly until a foot slip from high above the gear sent him almost the full length of the route.He rested for a few minutes and then sent the route on his second try, but not without a ´moment´ right at the top.An amazing effort. See photo of Pete Robins focused and committed on his ground up ascent of Masters Edge. hereJames, with his finger taped up, pulled back on for another go.He climbed the route in superb style, pausing briefly on the ledge at the top of the route to clip his rope to the rusting peg runners, before embarking on Great Arete (E5 5c) a continuation climb at the top of the quarry, again completely onsight.See photo of James McHaffie eyeing up the finishing jug, just before splitting his fingertip and reversing to the floor. here The BMC guidebook to Millstone has a history section covering Master´s Edge, which details Nic Sellar´s ground up, 1 fall ascent and also the amazing effort from Liam Halsey – the first onsight flash of the route.Both James´ and Pete´s ascents were captured in full technicolour by camera man extraordinaire Ben Pritchard and could feature in Alastair Lee´s upcoming film ´Psyche´.