Pete Robins Repeats Liquid Ambar (F8c)

Pete Robins at the belay of Liquid Ambar, F8c after his successful redpoint ascent.UKC News, 26 Aug 2009© Adam Wainwright

Pete looking happy as he clips the chain on Liquid Ambar after 20 days of effort.UKC News, 26 Aug 2009© Adam WainwrightLlanberis local Pete Robins has repeated the legendary sport route Liquid Ambar (F8c) at Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales. The route, first climbed by Jerry Moffat has had repeats from only Ben Moon and Rich Simpson, until now.It's the hardest thing I've ever done for sure.Pete RobinsPete spent around twenty days trying the route, managing all the moves very quickly, but finding the whole link to be exceptionally difficult.”It's very similar in difficulty to Silk Cut (See UKC News), but way harder to climb. You need a rope, a belayer, it's tidal and really conditions dependent.” commented Pete.The ascent was filmed by Bamboo Chicken Productions and will feature in their forth coming film about Welsh climbing.

Pete Robins on his ascent of Liquid Ambar, F8cUKC News, 26 Aug 2009© Adam Wainwright

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