by Mick Ryan click to enlarge Just talked to Sam Mayfield, the management of the Hard Rock Challenge. The weather was atrocious in North Wales (bloody UK weather, makes you think of emigrating to Spain) and they are heading back up the M6 to Scotland where they have unfinished business (five routes to do). Meanwhile Sam took this photograph of Sir Chris Bonington and her dog Tufa at the car park after Mark Stevenson and Rich Mayfield had done Praying Mantis at Goat Crag (in the Lakes) with Chris. Chris was signing the HRC´s Hard Rock book, inscribing, “Thanks Mark and Rich, had a great time and reminds me of when I did the second ascent in 1963.” See the photo of Sir Chris Bonington and Tufa the Dog here. The Hard Rock Challenge Blog: The Hard Rock Challenge Website: If you are travelling about keep your eyes peeled for the Hard Rock Challenge´s home on wheels, christened, Cheryl,see photo. Make sure you honk your horn if you spot them.