PHOTOS: Lupino Lane and the 'Stag Do'

Johnny Dawes climbing on 'The Stag Do'alwilliams, 26 Jul 2010© Al WilliamsLast week we published a short report on Dan Varian repeating the Nick Dixon route Lupino Lane – a weird and wonderful E2 7b at Ravensheugh, Northumberland (UKC News Report)The report prompted some interesting forum discussion and Al Williams has sent in some superb images from the 'Stag Do' that is discussed in the thread.You can read the thread here: Forum Thread.Nick Dixon contributed to the forum discussion saying:”I am so pleased that Lupino Lane is receiving attention that I have been moved to register!!I did the thing 2 weeks prior to Andy's stag do , when Noel did Reivers, I did it again eventually at the stag do when there were about 30 accomplished climbers trying it or watching. (Nobody else was successful but it was Joe Brown who came closest). Richie Heep and Johnny were video-ing and I have a copy. I called it Lupino Lane (who performed a similar stunt in 1921) and it is my writings about it in Stone Play. We didn't do mats so George caught us sometimes as we missed.”

Johnny Dawes (far left) and Nick Dixon on Lupino Lanealwilliams, 26 Jul 2010© al williams
(L-R; Johnny Dawes filming, Paul Pritch, Joe Brown, Noel Craine, Crispin Waddy, Grimer, Andy Popp, Joe Picelli, Ben Pritch, Gwion Hughes, Rich Heap, Mark Hundleberry, Al Williams, Adam Wainwright, Geoff Bennett, Barry Barret, Big Mark, Nick Dixon, Nell Waddy, and George – kneebar on the manta: Jezz Portman took the pic)
The 'Stag Do' underneath Lupino Lanealwilliams, 26 Jul 2010© al williams

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