Piolet D´Or Nominations

The nominations for the 2005 Piolet D´Or are now out:NANGA PARBAT, Rupal. 8125m, Pakistan New route up Central Pillar – Steve House and Vince Anderson (USA) Length: 4100m Grade: WI4 M5, 5.9 Alpine Style. Ascent 6 days, descent 2 days via Messner route. House and Anderson did not make use of the in-situ fixed ropes down the Messner route.BROAD PEAK 8047m, Pakistan new route on S Face – Denis Urubko and Serguey Samoilov (Kazakhistan) Length: 2500m Grade: 6b, ice 75° Alpine style. Ascent 6 days, descent 2 days via the normal route.CHOMO LONZO (7500m), Tibet. Patrick Wagnon, Christian Trommsdorf, Yannick Graziani (FRA) Traverse North – Central summit Length: 1500m Grade: ED Two unclimbed summits in alpine style with some fixed routes.KHUMBU EXPRESS, Nepal. Ueli Steck (CH). Solo enchainment: n Face of Cholatse (6440m) 1600m route, M6; E Face of Tawoche (6505m) 1500m route; NW Face of Ama Dablam (up to 5900m).CERRO MURALLON, Patagonia N Face for Robert Jasper and Stefan Glowacz (GER). 27 pitches, max 7c+, A2 and M4. 2nd attempt (1st in 2004). Fixed ropes on first 10 pitches.CERRO TORRE, Patagonia New route for Ermanno Salvaterra e Alessandro Beltrami (ITA), Rolando Garibotti (ITA) E, W and N Face. Alpine Style. grade 6b+ and A1. The winner will be announced in Grenoble on Feb 10th. Source: planetMountain