Planet Fear News

by Shane Ohly Unfortunately planetFear went into administration at the end of September and stopped trading. The planetFear website has now been sold to new owners (Quba New Media, the company that built the planetFear website) but Narrowcast Media Ltd that used to own planetFear is no longer in existence. I used to be a director of the old company and after downloading all the unanswered customer service emails just wanted to let you know what has happened. However, please note that I am unable to refund orders, track missing items or rectify problems that have occurred in the past. DID YOU PLACE AN ORDER WITH PLANETFEAR? Once it was realised that that the business was unlikely to survive ALL orders that we received and ANY back dated orders were refunded in full. So, if you placed an order with us that didn´t turn up, please check your bank or credit card statement as you should have been refunded. PROBLEMS LOGGING ON? If you have experienced some difficulties whilst trying to log on or create a new user account this technical problem has now been sorted. SHOP NOT WORKING? The shopping basket function has been removed from the website during this transition period. The shop should be back online within the next few weeks. RETURNS Please do not return any products for any reason to planetFear as there is no one at the old address to receive post. If you have a problem with a faulty product please contact the manufacture direct. Although, it´s going to take some time to get planetFear back up to speed the new owners have every intention of continue the world class content (new articles every week, news updated daily) and in due course to re-launch the planetFear shop. The old planetFear team is very sorry to have disappointed you.