planetFeaf Dyno Comp Results

Yesterday at the Outdoors Show in Birmingham, planetFear held their annual dyno competition on the World Cup boulders in front of a capacity crowd. The fun event was not sanctioned by Guinness, and neither were the official holds used so the distances are approximate and unofficial. With a number of big names from the bouldering competition taking part expectations were high, but in the end British team member Chris Graham (a previous winner) beat Dan Bradley on count back with a winning jump of approximately 2.45m (world record is 2.6m). In the women´s event Nina Arch, current world record holder won ahead of Leah Crane with a jump of approximately 2m (world record 2.15m). The prize money of £50 was matched by the BMC and also by Entreprise, with The North Face throwing in a bag of goodies too.