planetFear Christmas Quiz Day 3 Results

Day 3 has shaken up the top of the table with an early leader putting a small bit of daylight between him and the rest. The top is still very congested and any sort of slip could lead to a big change.Some points were lost on Day 3 (answers here) due to small mistakes so remember to check your answers before submitting them. With today and Friday´s questions left for this week, the 1st weeks winner´s prize of 1 days climbing with a planetFear coach PLUS FREE entry for 2 to the 2007 Outdoors Show (total worth £280) is still up for grabs.  If you haven´t already taken part in the quiz, remember there is £1500 of prizes to be won all the way down to 70th place!! It´s a great ´lunch-break´ / Christmas work wind down / get your mates involved kind of quiz and even if you enter today, there is still a great chance of winning some great prizes. For the full league table, full prize list and the questions for Day 4 just CLICK HERE>> We´ve noticed that some peoples answers for Day 2 where lost in the planetFear SPAM filters. Please remember to use the subject title ´planetFear Quiz, Day ..´ when sending your answers. If you think your points are incorrect, let us know at, include your email address and we should be able to sort it out. The quiz will run every weekday until the 22nd December with 10 questions per day. Some questions will be easy, some desperate but a different number of points will be awarded depending on the difficultly. There will be a broad range of both climbing and adventure racing specific questions as well as a general outdoor theme. Questions are worth points, points are worth prizes, and the prizes are fantastic! Even if we say so ourselves! There are weekly and overall prizes to be won. The top five finishers win huge planetFear voucher prizes but so do 7th, 14th, 21st, etc all the way to 70th place. This means that even if you join late or only answer a few questions correctly you can still win a superb prize. To check out the amazing range of prizes just click here>>> So what are you waiting for? Enter the World?s best outdoor Christmas Quiz right now by CLICKING HERE.