planetFear Christmas Quiz Day 8: Results

Day 8 had a few questions that made people stumble with Q1 causing quite a few to lose precious points. The answer to how many Women have climbed 8c (5.14b) is now up to 12 with the latest being the Austrian Barbara Raudner who ticked the grade in late September. Question 10 that asked Which one of the planetFear coaches gets a monthly subscription to Elle Decoration? had a few intersting answers (Gaz and Steve will be both be worried that people thought it was them!) but it is of course Katherine who gets the magazine. You can read more about the planetFear coaches, including a new blog at For all the answers from Day 8, Click Here>> Week 2 is still very tight and we will update the week 2 league table tomorrow. The overall table has only 5 points between the top 5 which is a credit to all the planetFear quiz entries…don´t worry we won´t tell your bosses! For Day 9 Questions, the full list of prizes available and the full league table, Click Here>> Good luck!