planetFear Christmas Quiz Day 9: Results

Day 9 saw a lot of strong scores (again) but the one question that nobody got was ´How many times was the E11 trailer downloaded in the first 7 days?´ The answer was an amazing 16,953 times! (answer G was right as it was closest). Most underestimated the amazing popularity of this film, while others thought that our planetFear newsletter of 25-Sept-2006 held the right answer of around 13,000. That answer was right up to the Sunday night but Monday saw over 4,000 more downloads! The other question to catch people out was a surprise to us as we thought “A colourful man who was no ordinary ?guy? when it came to the rock?” would be answered by nearly everone, but alas only a few got it right. The answer of course is Joe Brown – ordinary guy / ´joe´…colourful man – ´Brown´… Im sure it´s easy now when you see the answer. See all the answers to Thursday´s Day 9 here>> With Friday the last day in week 2, it´s supremely tight at the top of the table for this week´s superb prize. The table is shown below. Next week see´s the conclusion of the planetFear Christmas quiz. It will finish on the Thursday and not the original Friday as we want to get the overall winner announced before Christmas. So only 4 days next week, and with another superb weekly prize being announced on Monday…you can still get inovolved and be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize. Good luck! See Today´s questions, full league table, full prize list and the latest league table here>>Week 2 league table after Day 9

Name TOTAL (out of max 81)
Rob Stone Mike Babbitt Simon Caldwell Chris Moor Martin Kocsis Matt Telfer S.J. Ebbens Simon Rogers Emily Goodman Neil Marklew 73 71 71 70 70 67 67 66 65 65