PlanetFear launched at last!

After many months of work, ClimbingMedia has been completely redesigned, and reborn as Planet-Climbing. The big news is the new partnership we have with the UK´s leading climbing mags High and OTE, whose sites are still in their infancy, but are growing rapidly, to build up a fantastic archive of reviews, reports, mountain info, and over the coming months, feature articles. The High and OTE websites will also give info on the contents of the latest issues, back issues, and over the next few months will be geared up to sell mountain library books and films, sunscriptions, back issues, and even allow you to order the current issue online. On a more commercial note, Greenshires are also handling advertising and sponsorship requests to help support the planet-climbing/ote/high sites. New features include the news and events databases, which are open to users to submit news stories and events directly into the database, and the reviews database which is growing daily, plus you can give your own reviews on products that you have used, and create the ultimate product information resource for climbers. I hope you like the site, if you´re interested in more of the ´story so far´, please click on the ´about this site´ link at the bottom of the page. Cheers Adrian Berry Editor, Planet-Climbing