Pou repeats Elfe!

Roberto Fioravanti of Project Pof reports: After almost two months on the road trough Europe, Iker Pou ended his climbing journey. The quest for hard routes ended yesterday when, tired after the last route, Iker decided to drive his van back to Basqueland. His happiness reached the top when on his 7th try, second day, linked the moves on the famous Elfe the Swiss testpiece freed in 97 by Fred Nicole who proposed a quite unsure grade of “8c to 9a+”. Elfe was already repeated by Klem Loskot who put the grade more in the 8c+. (remark: Klem actually said 9a) The perform of Iker is really good, not because he did the route in such a short time, but because he could have done it directly on the first day. The temperature was perfect the second day but not the first when it was a little bit too cold. For this reason Iker’s hand couldn’t crimp the last left hold of the roof to a dyno and after trying it fell down. Iker said “I´m surprised by my perf, this period I feel really fit, and after a week of bad time also really motivated. The line here is also really perfect, one of the best I have ever climbed. Any way I can’t confirm the grade. Elfe seem to me more like an 8c. If I compare it with Action Directe I’ll definitely say is another grade. The starting boulder is more a 7c+ bloc compared with the grades in Cresciano and the route after it is about 8a+. On the same time I know the reputation of Fred and Klem, and I do not wish to be polemic towards them. It is a good period for me, I feel much stronger than ever, maybe I´m underestimating the route, I must admit it is my style, really overhanging and powerful, then it´s such a perfect line…you couldn’t stop doing it.” To end the day Iker went to Sustenpass where he repeated Traumland, 8a and a 7c boulder As usual, you can find a flash animation on Project Pof