Quiz Answers

Just before you look at the answers, if you missed last weeks Climbing Quiz  you can still have ago by CLICKING HERE …and the answers are: 1. Members would have to have climbed a 13000ft peak. 2. Ben Masterson 3. Al Manson, Adrenaline Rush at Caley 4. A magnifying glass 5. Annapurna ? Herzog and Lachenal 6. Ron Fawcett. 7. Asolo Runouts, Calma Lince 1s, Canyons. 8. Jerry Moffatt´s Renegade Master. 9. Bears 10. Blue Mountains/Mount Boyce 11. A saucepan 12. First president of the Alpine Club 13. Place Jacques Balmat 14. Balmat was first to climb Mont Blanc with Paccard. 15. Harborough Rocks 16. Cleo?s Edge 17. Helyg 18. Adder Crack. 19. Rich Simpson 20. Auzat in the Pyrenees 21. Great West Road 22. A short down sleeping bag. 23. He was a blacksmith. 24. A small outcrop in the Kilpatrick hills near Glasgow 25. Evans Crown Tarana, Australia 26. A boulder near Pen y Pas, trundled in 1980 by unknown culprits. 27. He was the Mayor of Barrow 28. India 29. Airlie Anderson.  1994. 30. Peter Boardman