Ramon Julia #2 and Edu Marin #5 in ranking

Edu and Ramon have spent a week at Cuenca… Edu Marin (16 years old) onsights: Maciste 8a Peligrosa María 8a ? 8a “garrulos” sector Goliath 8a+. His first 8a+ onsight. He did it putting the quickdrws and by the last bolt he made 5 pull ups to show he was ok… ? 8a+ “Garrulos” sector. Molokomix 8b. His first 8b onsight Jonny ma me moni 8b. He onsighted both 8b´s in the same day!! Ramón Julián (20 years old) Redpoint Eros tensa el arco 8b+, 2 tries Terapia de grito 8b+ Estricnina 8c, 2 tries Núria 8c, 2 tries El calvario del sicario 8c, 2 tries Onsight Maciste 8a Putty power 8a ? 8a garrulos sector ? 8a garrulos sector ? 8a+ garrulos sector Public Enemy 8a+/b Molokomix 8b Jonny ma me moni 8b (as edu, both in the same day.) Not bad for a week climbing!!!