Ramonet back on rock etc

A couple of days after his victory in the European Champs, Ramon Julián figured it was about time he got some proper training in. He chose the Raco de la finestra sector at Margalef as his outdoor gym for the day.After warming up, I presume, he made the FA of what used to be a project of Iker Pou's (at least he had tried it), naming it Eh sukarra and proposing 8c/+. While he was at it, he also added a direct version, Eh sukarra directa, which was slightly harder, 8c+. Moving on, he made a 2nd go FA of an 8b+, and repeated an 8b, before he called it quits in order to save what was left of his skin.The Eurochamp isn't the only one who've been active on the rocks however. Over in France, Mathieu Bouyoud and Geoffray De Flaugergues climbed hard too.Mathieu, continued his streak of hard FA:s by doing Classée dure at La Balme. A route for which he proposes 9a. Geoffray, repeated the stamina test Coincidence, 8c+, for its 2nd ascent. The FA was made by Mathieu.Source: Kairn

Mathieu Bouyoud on Classée dure, 9a, La PalmeBjörn Pohl – UKC, Sep 2010© Mathieu Bouyoud collection

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