Ramshaw new route activity

A bit of ferreting around at Ramshaw over the last couple of weeks has produced a couple of ´modern classics´.An obvious 15 foot prow located 50 feet down and left of Shark´s Fin was assumed to have been climbed before.However, after querying guidebook editors and bouldering gurus, it looks like it hasn´t.California Screamin´ is highball Font 7B, but feels more like E4 6c if you fall off the last move.It´s as good as anything of its genre on grit.Moving back along the edge towards Ramshaw Crack, “the impossible prow” left of Imposition is one of those unique grit things which has been tried in the past by Messers Bentley, Heap, Grieve and Readza.Boom Bip takes a direct line up the buttress, culminating in a considerable dyno for the top of the crag.Although well protected, the gear is at half height and a fall from the crux puts you very close to the ground.A three star classic at E7 6c/7a ish.Tom, UKC News Editor.