Ratho Wall Update

Here´s the latest press release from the under-construction Ratho wall in Scotland: In the unlikely case you haven´t heard, the world´s most exciting centre for adventure sports activity and development will soon be ready to rock. Set within the impressive natural rock surfaces of a reclaimed stone quarry, the spectacular curved steel and glass structure of The Adventure Centre forms a huge amphitheatre and will house: The National Rock Climbing Centre of Scotland – the world´s largest indoor climbing arena The UK´s first sky-high AirPark – the physically challenging indoor aerial adventure course The state-of-the-art Adventure Sports Gym JudoScotland?s National Judo Academy The Deep Blue Scuba Dive School complete with in-house dive tank Mountain bike skill trailsPlus Tiso plan to make this their most spectacularly located retail outlet. Not bad for starters. But for anyone who has actually been involved, this is a mere outline of the scale of what´s on offer between the immense quarry walls.Within the world´s largest indoor climbing arena we have designed some huge climbing walls. The lead wall alone is 22m high and 1 square km. The big east wall is awesome with enough room for thirty-five ropes, providing up to one hundred routes. It´s the only place on earth you´ll find indoor climbs on real rock. Sheltered from rain, snow, wind and ice, our amazing indoor natural rock wall will never feel like you´re climbing on slime. If you do want to climb in the elements, you´ll be able to get to grips with fifty traditional climbs in the quarry basin, access to which is free. The question on everybody´s lips: when is it going to open? Summer 2003 is the answer. Believe us, it´ll be worth the wait.Since construction began in 2001, the plans for the project have expanded to include more incredible facets than those outlined in the original proposal. From the initial aim to become a centre of excellence for climbing and associated sports, the concept of this totally unique facility has expanded to include a soothing health spa, a film and lecture auditorium, conferencing rooms, accommodation, a glass, wood and natural rock restaurant we´ve called The Stone Room, and the capacity for even more adventure sports. The Adventure Centre is set within an impressive reclaimed quarry at Ratho, just 9 miles west of Edinburgh city centre. It´s located at the hub of Scotland´s motorway network, five minutes from the interchange of the M8 and M9. And it´s just 3 miles from Edinburgh International Airport. You can see it from the air if you happen to be taking off or landing in that direction. But please don´t come for a visit just yet, we´re still under construction – Public access is not permitted under Health & Safety legislation.Right now we´re looking for talented people to fill some exciting and challenging positions. If you´re looking to put some adventure into your career, this is definitely the place for you.Log on to www.adventurerswanted.com for more information about job details and how to apply. (Founder MEMBERSHIPS at Ratho) With any great and popular phenomena, it´s great to say you were part of it before it became cool. Well, we´re giving you the opportunity to be a founder member. We are offering big pre-opening discounts on advance memberships of the Adventure Sports Gym, Health Spa and Climbing Arena, with special invitations to our opening events including the launch party. Plus you´ll be the first to hear about any freebies and special offers. For further information visitwww.adventurescotland.com/membership.htmIf you have any specific questions about group and corporate memberships contact Jen Small on 0131 229 3919 or email membership@adventurescotland.com