Redpointing frenzie in Basqueland

Hector del Campo reports there´ve been a lot of things going down in northern Spain: Iñaki Marco ´Kongui: Honky Mix, his first 8c+ Gorka Karapeto: Honky Mix, his first 8c+, and 3 8b+´s: Magic Eye (8b+/c), Simónides, Panorámix and Gora Begira. He also did an 8a+ onsight in Rodellar. Andoni Perez: El Calvario del Sikario, 8c (in Cuenca), and Honky Tonky, 8c. Ion Gurutz (Andoni´s coach): Honky Tonky, 8c. Ivan Larrión: White Zombie, in Baltzola. Pablo Barbero: Honky Mix, 8c+. Then he did Tsunami, 8c, Simónides, 8b+ (2 tries) and Acción Mutante, 8a+ onsight. The next day he onsighted Cyborg, 8a+, and climbed Parva Naturalia, 8b, in two tries. Olivier Favrese: Honky Tonky, 8c.