Renaming the BMC – suggestions

by Mick Ryan Dave Turnbull bouldering Dave Turnbull, CEO of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) writes on his blog ( “A major issue we´re looking at at present is how to develop BMC membership and encourage more people to join the organisation. I can´t help thinking that the words ´Mountaineering Council´ have just about had their day – they´re certainly a turn off for a lot of people – especially younger climbers, boulderers and newcomers who´ve just started indoor climbing.Somehow we need to communicate the fact that we´re as much about bouldering and climbing walls as we are about the Alps and beyond. The reality these days is that only a minority of ´climbers´ are into mountaineering. The English Sports Council changed its name to Sport England years ago – surely there´s a case for change within the BMC; at the very least I can feel a re-profiling exercise coming on. ” Would you like to help Dave out? Please feel free to add your suggestions to the forum thread associated with this news item ( Source: BMC )