Rich Simpson Ground-Ups Careless Torque

by Mick Ryan Careless Torque Rich Simpson has shown that he is no slouch when it comes to hard highball bouldering. Rich confirmed to this morning that he made the sixth ascent of Ron Fawcett´s 1987 testpiece Careless Torque (Font 8a+…..E6/7 7a) on Sunday, but in traditional bouldering style, ground-up, without any pre-practice of the final gripping moves. This ´ropeless ascent´ was hot on the heels of John Welford´s recent ascent of this arete on the Not To Be Taken Away boulder at Stanage. All previous ascents have made use of a rope to practice the finishing moves. Rich pointed out this distinction in an email to, “No real details since its nowhere near cutting edge. It was climbed like I climb the majority of boulder problems, ground up. Can´t say much more, am going to Spain tommorrow for 2 weeks so have alot to do.”