Richard Simpson Update

Richard Simpson has been busy over the last month or so, this time out in Siurana in Spain. Here´s the list of what he managedMr Cheki F8b+ (2 Days) La Traversia Del Capita Enicam F8b+ (2 Days) Tic I Toc F8b La Traversia Capia F8b (3 Tries) Kurfil F8a+ (5 Tries) A Carra Perro F8a+/F8a (2 Tries) Patitas De Canario F8a+/F8a (3 Tries) Un Rato En Cada Postura F8a (4 Tries) He also onsighted up to F7c+, and came very close to redpoiting L´odi Social F8c+