Ring of Steall, 8c+ for Dave MacLeod in Glen Nevis

by Mick Ryan Claire and Dave MacLeod recently moved north from Dumbarton to Glen Nevis just outside Fort William (Scotland) and they have been questing in the area particularly at Steall Crag in Glen Nevis. In July Dave MacLeod established, Stolen a new Fr 8b at Steall Crag (click for report). Now, on August 1st, he has completed Ring of Steall, 8c+, at the Steall hut crag that was first equipped and attempted by Dave Cuthbertson in the early Nineties. Dave writes on his blog, “This project has been an inspiration simmering in the back of my head for ten years. It was equipped and tried by Cubby in the early nineties and he worked hard on it, coming very close to getting past the crux section before injury and work got in the way and the momentum was lost. I?ve talked with Dave about the project many times since and it was always a huge goal for either of us. If Dave had done it in ?92, it would have been one of the top five sport routes in the world at the time ? an incredible effort.” …..and about the crux move, “the most beautiful move I?ve ever experienced on rock…It?s the ultimate move ? when performed with technical excellence, it´s easy. But if you don?t move the limbs in the correct sequence of subtle shifts, no amount of strength or psyche will make any impression.” And finishes with, “Having completed this route, if I had to give up climbing tomorrow due to some disaster, I?d be satisfied with my effort.” Read his full report atdavemacleod.blogspot.com