Robinson and Koyamada tear it up again

With Paul Robinson and Dai Koyamada now having joined forces to take down Big paw, ~8C, Dave Graham's sit down start to Boogalagga, 8B, at Chironico, it can only be a matter of (short)time until it goes down.You can only work on it so much though, and thus, Paul took a day off, to try some other problems. The first stop was the Soucoupe roof. As it wasn't occupied by cows, which is sometimes the case, Paul seized the opportunity and swiftly did all the problems there: Vetruvian man, 7C, La Soucoupe, ~8A+, Roswell, 8A+, Shadowfax, ~8B, all 2nd go, and all within half an hour or so.Meanwhile, Dai Koyamada made quick work of Confessions at Cresciano, which he said felt more like 8B than 8B+. Adam Ondra, who flashed it last year, was of the same opinion.Source: 27 crags

Paul Robinson in the Soucoupe roofBjörn Pohl – UKC, Oct 2010© Stefan Schlumpf

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