Robinson Strikes in Swizzy – New Font 8C

With crisp autumn conditions finally having arrived at Magic Wood in the Swiss Averstal, Paul Robinson could finally dispatch his project.Ill Trill, weighs in around 8C according to Paul, making it the third 8C in the area after Chris Sharma's Practice of the Wild and Daniel Wood's In Search of Time Lost.Paul has been working Practice… as well, and who knows, maybe even this boulder, plagued by perpetual dampness will dry and become sendable.I've said it before and will keep repeating myself: We're in for a hot autumn. It's already heating up, and on the 22nd October a certain Dai Koyamada arrives in Swizzy for his annual visit.Source: 27 crags

Paul Robinson on Ill Trill, 8CBjörn Pohl – UKC, Oct 2010© Alex Kahn

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