Rouhling related news

Our French reporter Jon Smedsaas reports: “Yuji and Daï Koyamada has paid a visit to Fred Rouhling at Charente, managed to flash a few 7c blocs, repeated the classic “mono bloc” Mush, 8a bloc. Not content with this the also managed to repeat Archipel, 8c+. This is the first of Rouhling harder routes to be repeated! They both confirmed the grade. Later they also worked Hugh and l´autre côté de la ciel, both 9a, without success. They agreed they are probably 9a. Fred himself has managed to put up three new 8a+ blocs; Extension, Pasthéque and ??? Dominique Botton has repeated Fred´s problem Safran 8b bloc as well as a few 8a blocs. At Chaos du Tarascon, Phillipe Gondeau has managed to send an unknown 8b bloc.