RSS Feed now Available on planetFear

We regularly get emails for requests for a RSS feed to be added to planetFear. As always, we listen to our readers and available NOW is a great selection of RSS feeds for you to view. The RSS feeds available on planetFear are:Latest NewsArticles (includes competitions)EventsCLEARANCE (get the latest items added to clearance as soon as they go live!) What is RSS? RSS in its simplest terms allows you to view planetFear´s content as it is updated. When a latest news or new article gets published, your RSS feed is automatically updated, without you having to visit planetFear. With so much content being published on planetFear every week, it´s sometimes easy to miss a must-see article or news item. With RSS, you can now keep totally up to date on all the latest content straight to your computer. It´s a perfect way to keep up-to-date while you´re at work (view latest deals, news and articles without your boss seeing) How do I Subscribe? If you´ve never viewed an RSS feed before, don´t worry, there are many easy ways that you can subscribe. RSS feeds are supported in all the major internet browsers, such as IE7 and Firefox 2.0.  Look for the  symbol which is shown on the planetFear homepage on News, Articles and Events. It also shows on all the main pages for the different categories, including Clearance. You may also see it on the top of your browser window.When you click on the symbol, you will be presented with the different RSS options for planetFear. Follow the simple instructions and voila! easy as that. If you don´t have an RSS enabled browser, you can download an RSS reader that will let you see the planetFear feed. You can find a large list at this Google page. Just download the simple program and you´re ready to go. —————————————————————— Use of our RSS feeds is free. We simply require that be credited with a text or graphic link if the feed is to be shown on a public website. A logo can be requested by emailing us at Want more information on RSS? Find out more about RSS at Wikipedia