Ruth Smitton, Supercool

Ruth Smitton, 29, of Sheffield has made an ascent of Martin Atkinson's 1987 testpiece Supercool 8a+, at Gordale Scar, North Yorkshire. Supercool is one of the three 8a+ routes in Yorkshire that make up the Triple Crown that also includes The Groove at Malham and Urgent Action at Kilnsey Crag. These routes are significant not only for their difficulty but also for their aesthetic qualities taking lines of strength and beauty up three of Yorkshire most impressive limestone cliffs. Supercool is a monster 32m pitch that takes an immaculate slab of steep rock left of the Cave Routes at Goredale.Ruth joins Jenny Woodward, Lucy Creamer, Dalvinder Sohdi and Karin Magog to reach the chains of Supercool (Creamer and Magog also climbed the adjacent Huecool, an 8b). Jenny Woodward is the only woman to have completed the Yorkshire Triple Crown (UKC News).Ruth has been climbing for around 12 years. She got keen for sport climbing in 2005 when she remembers doing her first 6c. She did her first 8a, Watermark at the Wild Side in Sella this April and this summer she redpointed New Dawn (7c), L'Obsession (7c+), The Ashes (7c+) as well as Supercool (F8a+). Ruth has flashed a handful of 7b+'s abroad.

Ruth Smitton Redpointing Supercool (F8a+)Neil Mawson, Sep 2009© Bob Hutchinson

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