Sad news about Steve Karafa and John Bachar

John Bachar From Michael Reardon via Supertopo. “Around midnight (Sunday, August 13th) last night near the Nevada state line, John Bachar, Steve Karafa (President of Acopa) and John´s girlfriend Anastasia were involved in a car accident on their way home from the trade show. We´re still not sure exactly how the car ran off the road (no drugs or alcohol were involved), however, Anastasia suffered minor injuries, Steve died at the scene of the accident, and John was air-lifted back to a hospital in Utah. I spoke with John this morning and his primary injuries were to his neck and spine, of which four vertebrae were fractured. So far, it appears that John will have a full recovery physically and may even be released from the hospital in the next couple of days, however, the loss of his close friend Steve is another matter entirely. The same holds true for Anastasia who comforted Steve as he passed on. John´s father is on his way to the hospital and his son is still with his mother for the summer. I have been told that Steve´s father has been contacted as well. I would ask that folks politely respect John´s privacy while he deals with this matter, and will keep you posted as more details come to light.”More at