SAS Are You Tough Enough? Part 2

The BBC are looking for more recruits for a second series of Tough Enough for the SAS, the reality TV show where civilians are put through SAS training for our entertainment. They think adventure racers are made of the right stuff. The first series featured Anna McCormack, one of the UK?s best known racers, who impressed everyone, though she got caught ?using her initiative? and didn?t pass all the tests. This time there?s a new twist (it is the second series) ? it?s the jungle training course. Here?s what series producer Emily Conroy had to say:?We´re currently inviting applications which we´ll narrow down to 100 people for the initial selection process, from which we´ll pick 24 contestants to take part in the programme. The final 24 will be flown to Malaysia (as I said this location not 100% confirmed yet, but it will be proper jungle!) to take part in the gruelling jungle selection process used by the SAS.?There´s no financial reward, just the prestige of having completed such a mentally and physically tough process, and not many will complete it. We need people who are seriously fit, and looking for a huge challenge. We found in the last series that Pentathletes and the like did well – they need to be mentally tough too, and versatile across a range of skills and terrains. We want to represent the broadest cross section of the population that we can but most of all competitors need fitness and determination.? If you think you?ve got what it takes and want to be on TV you?ll need to apply quickly, they want applications in by June 20th, though they?ve said they?ll probably consider them after that. If you get picked you?ll need to be free for a selection day in July and 3 weeks of filming in September. (The application form is an endurance event in it?s own right.) If you are interested contact Emily Conroy at or ring 020 8752 5246.T read how Sheffield based climber and mountaineer Matt Dickinson got on click here for a previous new item reported on PlanetFear.